Jun 14, 2015

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Honda Jazz: A new tune

Honda Jazz: A new tune
The Jazz has big, wide, lightweight doors that are almost 3 kg lighter than the ones in the older model. Getting in and out of the car is very easy and is convenient for elderly passengers. The Jazz continues have a green house-like airy cabin … I …
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Google 'polishes' Android system
"Bringing answers proactively" was also discussed, with users able to tap and hold on the home button within apps and get contextual results. Those in attendance were shown an email exchange about seeing a movie, with holding the home button instantly …
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2 stocks that could give you outsized long-term returns
It might feel like the sky is falling with strong blue chip stocks like the big four banks falling heavily over the last month, and the index notching up successive sessions of losses. It's only natural for investors to panic and reach for the sell …
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